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Resources of Huaiyin Normal University

After many years’ construction and accumulation, we have owned abundant paper and digital format resources.
1. Our library’s current paper and digital format resources are as follows:
1) More than 1.819 million paper format books in Chinese (including nearly 50,000 thread-bound ancient books)
2) More than 30, 000 paper format books in foreign languages
3) 2, 257 kinds of paper format Chinese journals
4) 59 kinds of paper format foreign journals
5) 2, 530 kinds of digital format foreign journals
6) 17 databases including both Chinese and foreign resources
7) Nearly 1 million digital format books
In recent five years, more than 100,000 paper format books are bought and supplemented annually.
2. The situation of the multimedia lectures, network courses and quality courses
Since the launching of fine multimedia lectures selection in 2004, we have picked out 126 pieces of excellent items, which can be accessed at the following address:
Currently we have 12 provincial-level fine courses, 5 provincial-level good-quality courses, 10 university-level good-quality courses, 47 fine key courses, 87 qualified key courses, 3 key course groups and 27 network courses.
The link of the network courses:
The link of the fine courses is:
3. The situation of current classrooms
Currently we have 184 multimedia classrooms and 54 normal classrooms at our university. Among them, 53 multimedia classrooms and 13 normal classrooms are located at the Jiaotonglu campus, and the other 131 multimedia classrooms and 41 normal classrooms are located at the Wangying campus.